Prohibited Behaviors & Definitions

In general, dating violence and domestic violence are crimes of violence perpetrated by one member of a romantic, intimate paternership against the other partner. Former spouses or intimate partners can also perpetrate dating or domestic violence. 

Sexual Assault is Sexual intercourse, oral sex, groping, or other sexual contact without the consent of one of the parties. 

What is consent to engage in sexual activity?

Consent is:

An affirmative decision by all participants to engage in mutual acceptable sexual activity. Consent means unambiguous, clear, knowing, and voluntary approval given by words or demonstrated actions to engage in sexual activity. This decision must be made freely and actively by all participants. If any confusion or ambiguity on the issue of Consent arises at any time during the sexual activity, each participant must stop and clarify from the other participant(s) a willingness to continue. 

Consent is not:

  • Silence, passivity, or lack of resistence; 
  • Implied from a previous relationship or prior participation in a sexual activity between the participants; 
  • Implied from consent to a different form of sexual activity; or
  • Implied from consent to sexual activity with a different person

Consent cannot be obtained:

  • By force, intimidation, or coercion; 
  • If the other party is asleep, unconscious, or incapacitated by drugs or alcohol; 
  • If the other party has a physical/mental disability that inhibits his/her ability to give consent; or 
  • If one party is below the age of consent under North Carolina state law

Take a look at the following video from Campus Clarity's Think About It course which defines consent. 

For more information about dating and domestic violence, sexual misconduct, and stalking, and prohibited conduct, please visit the Student Code of Responsibility