Request a Presentation

Title IX Office presentation Options

The Title IX Office staff are available to provide the following presentations to students, faculty, and staff upon request:

  • Title IX Office Overview (45 minutes to 1 hour): During this presentation, participants will learn about the Title IX Office and the federal law and regulations that govern the work our office does (Title IX and VAWA). Discussion will occur regarding the Code of Student Responsibility, university consent expectations, and reporting options. Additionally, attention will be given to discussing the outreach and services conducted by our office including case management, referrals, accommodations, and formal investigations. 
    • Target Audience: Students, Faculty, and/or Staff
  • Dating and Domestic Violence: What Can the Title IX Office Do? (45 minutes to 1 hour): This presentation provides an overview of Dating and Domestic Violence trends on college campuses and how the Title IX Office can support students who may be impacted by such violence. Special attention will be spent talking about the available resources, accommodations, and support measures available to those impacted by dating and domestic violence. 
    • Target Audience: Students
  • Breaking Down the Title IX Processes at UNCC: Resources, Accommodations, and Options (45 minutes to 1 hour): This presentation, hosted by the Title IX Case Manager, discusses at length case management within Title IX. Many students are unaware of the services available to them. Through this presentation, students will learn about the various types of support options available including both on-campus and off-campus resources as well as the various types of accommodations that may be afforded to them when engaged with the Title IX Office (including housing, academic, university employment, and transportation just to name a few). Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and/or discuss relevant issues/concerns involving Title IX resources. 
    • Target Audience: Students
  • Responsible Employee Training: Understanding Title IX Reporting Responsibilities (1 hour): In this presentation, special attention is given to breaking down federal compliance expectations, understanding trauma on students' responses and needs from university resources, and discussing effective strategies for interacting with disclosing students. 
    • Target Audience: Faculty and/or Staff
  • Debunking Assumptions: Reframing and Understanding the Title IX Office and How it Truly Serves the University Community (1 hour): During this presentation, campus data and related trends will be discussed to help participants more fully understand the offices' mission and resulting services, outreach, and education. Attendees will gain a more complete understanding of the Title IX process from the student perspective as well as how the Title IX Office can support faculty and staff. 
    • Target Audience: Faculty and/or Staff

Staff members are also open to working with students, faculty, and staff to create hybrid presentations that meet the needs of your group. 

How to Request a Presentation

When planning a request for a presentation from the Title IX Office, please keep the following in mind:

  • Provide at least two weeks notice to allow for scheduling and preparation for presenters
  • It is the responsibility of the individual or group requesting the presentation to reserve the appropriate space and technology/equipment needed and to update the presenter with any changes to location
  • Have an alternative date available, should there be an unavoidable scheduling conflict

If you are ready to submit your request, please complete the Title IX Presentation Request Form. If you have additional questions regarding our presentation options, please contact the Title IX Office at 704-687-6130.