Parents & Visitors


UNC Charlotte’s Parents Matter

Parents are probably the most important people to impact students as they make decisions in college and throughout life.  Your son or daughter trusts you and relies on you for a great deal of healthy information. Talking to your college student about important topics and communicating your expectations may help him/her to make healthy choices.

 It's important to talk to your children, especially about difficult issues. It's important to set expectations for your children. Some rapes ro sexual assaults can be prevented where participants are clear with partners about sexual intentions. Research shows that the majority of sexual assaults that occur on college campuses are between two people who know each other.  It’s important to talk to your children, especially about sexual involvement.

We encourage you to download the Interpersonal Violence Resource Guide for information about what your student can do if he or she is the victim of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking and where to get help.  For more information about these offenses and how UNC Charlotte handles these incidents that involve a student, refer to the Code of Student Responsiblity.


UNC Charlotte wants to make the campus a safe and secure place for students, employees, and visitors. If you feel that you have experienced harassment of any kind, please contact someone from the Title IX Resource page or Campus Police.