Think About It!

All incoming students to UNC Charlotte will receive an invitation to complete an online course about sexual violence, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention, among other important topics for college students. Think About It! is an engaging and interactive course filled with activities and videos that will prepare you to be a responsible member of the UNC Charlotte community. By completing this course you will have the opportunity to make a huge impact on our campus by encouraging and promoting a more positive campus culture. Every student that completes the course will also have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for prizes!

Please visit the Campus Clarity website to log in to the Think About It! course. Students will have received an email prior to their arrival at UNC Charlotte inviting them to take the course where they will be able to set up an account using their UNC Charlotte email address. The password is not associated with the student's Niner Net credentials. Instructions and help numbers are also included in the email invitation. 

The information below is designed to assist your problems launching or completing the course. We will continue to add additional items to this page based on feedback we receive about the program and any technical issues that may arise. 

Below are some tips and frequently asked questions that we believe will help you complete the course:

1. Is it mandatory that I complete this course?

This course is mandatory for incoming freshman, transfer, and graduate students to complete. We encourage all students to become well informed about healthy relationships, how to consent to engage in sexual activity, stalking, sexual assault, bystander intervention and the resources available on-campus and off-campus if any of these issues arise for you or someone you know.

2. How long does it take to complete?

The entire Think About It course takes about an hour to complete. It is not expected for all students to sit down and complete the course in one sitting.

3.  Can I leave or pause the program in order to come back to it at a later time?

Yes. If you need to leave the course at any time prior to completion you should either click the “exit” button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen and log back in to resume the course or you should click the “pause” button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen then the play button when you are ready to resume the course. When you return to the course, it should open to the screen where you were prior to the exit or pause.  Important: Do not click to another active window on your computer until you have completed one of the two options above to either pause or exit your session or your session may become locked.

The course has a time-out feature.  If you are timed-out of the program, you can log back in and should be taken to the screen where you were prior to the time-out.

4.  I am having trouble launching or moving forward in the course. What should I do?

The course works best using either Chrome or Firefox, if you are experiencing issues with getting the course to load, check which web browser you are using.

Some of the screens have multiple activities that you must complete before you can move to the next screen.  If your screen won't advance, it may be the result of an uncompleted activity on your current screen.  The best way to check is by running your cursor over the screen to look for additional pop up screen prompts.

If you continue to have problems in the course, Campus Clarity recommends that you clear your browsers cookies and/or cache, which may resolve some issues. 

5. Will anyone be able to see the answers I put for the questions?

Your responses to the questions throughout the course will remain anonymous. The purpose of this course is to educate incoming students on these topics and to help UNC Charlotte improve educational awareness and programming surrounding these topics and to ensure our campus is a safe place. UNC Charlotte will receive aggregate data about our students’ responses but will not know how any particular student answered any particular question.

6.  I’m a transfer student (or graduate student), is this course recommended for me?

Yes. The course is recommended to all incoming students, including freshman, transfer, graduate and professional students as well. The course also provides information and resources specific to UNC Charlotte for students to utilize while they are here.

7.  I’ve taken the course and I believe I need to talk to someone. Who can I go to?

There are a number of campus resources you can utilize to talk to someone. You can talk confidentially to anyone at any of the following locations, which are considered confidential resources: the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, and the Center for Wellness Promotion. You can report any incident to the Title IX Office, the Dean of Students Office, or Police and Public Safety.



If you need any other assistance with the online course, you can call Campus Clarity technical support at 1-800-652-9546 or use their “Contact Us” page (please note this number will direct you to an office that is not part of UNC Charlotte). Additionally, should you have any questions or concerns about the course, you can contact the UNC Charlotte Title IX Office at  704-687-6130.